Fire Springs


Anthony Nanson was trained in natural sciences at Cambridge and creative writing at Bath Spa University, where he now teaches creative writing. He’s the author of Storytelling and Ecology (2005) and the short-story collection Exotic Excursions (2008) and was formerly editor of the arts magazine Artyfact and manager of the Oxford Project for Peace Studies. He has worked as a storyteller in Greece and Finland as well as Britain and is a regular contributor to the Tales to Sustain gatherings.

We have been performing together since 2000 and our work draws on the varied backgrounds of our five members.   

Kevan Manwaring holds an MA in the teaching and practice of creative writing from Cardiff University and teaches creative writing for the Open University. He won the Bardic Chair of Caer Badon in 1998 and has since helped set up bardic chairs elsewhere. He has performed widely as storyteller and poet – in Italy, Malta, and the USA as well as Britain. He’s the author of The Bardic Handbook (2006), Lost Islands (2008), the ongoing Windsmith Odyssey, and several collections of poems.

David Metcalfe is a storyteller and folk singer-guitarist; also a lifelong student of history and former field archaeologist, with degrees from the universities of Aberystwyth and Newcastle upon Tyne. He worked for many years examining how well publicly funded organisations use their resources and has written or co-authored numerous publications. He is an organisational change specialist with a particular interest in the way organisations formulate, articulate, and regenerate their corporate narratives.  

Kirsty Hartsiotis studied history of art at Warwick, medieval studies at York – where she was a member of the Lords of Misrule theatre group – and museum studies at Leicester. She is a storyteller and writer with a special interest in history and the heritage industry, in which she’s worked for more than ten years as a curator and educator, organising many exhibitions and conducting field research in Greece. She is the author of Wiltshire Folk Tales (2011). 

Richard Selby has many years’ experience of work in primary education and has run diverse courses about the arts – for pupils and teachers – and school arts productions. He’s now a storyteller, writer, and bookseller with a keen interest in modern art and modern poetry. The Fifth Quarter – his collection of prose, poetry, and tales about Romney Marsh, in Kent was published in 2008.  


Anthony, Kirsty, Richard, David, Kevan

Fire Springs

Based in South West England, we have appeared throughout Britain in theatres, museums, schools, churches, pubs and clubs, at festivals, camps, gatherings and at secular and spiritual communities. Individual members have also appeared abroad, in the USA, Greece, Malta, Egypt, Finland and Switzerland.  

We enjoy working together as a creative team - reshaping  stories from the past to speak to our own time, and crafting new tales that look sideways at the present or prophetically into the future.     

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Fire Springs

As individuals and together, we also provide a range of workshops and courses - in areas including storytelling, oral expression, creative writing and narrative practice in corporate contexts.