Fire Springs


Anthony Nanson and David Metcalfe together offer interactive workshops, using narrative-based practice and analysis, to help organisations improve connectivity of purpose, people and process.


We have designed the workshops to be undertaken either as free-standing modules, inter-related packages or a complete programme. 


The workshops can be tailored to support continuous improvement processes, specific change initiatives or ongoing training activity.   



Meaningful Journey

This workshop aims to improve understanding of and respect for different narrative threads within an organisation, department or team. It is about making the most of a shared journey. It involves examining an organisation's vision, mission and values, and considering real lessons from both successes and failures in business operations. The workshop will be of interest to those interested in developing narrative leadership and those concerned to improve approaches to organisational learning.

Fire Springs

Each workshop is built around a few core principles and objectives and is purposefully designed for adaptation to diverse corporate contexts.


Each workshop involves a high level of inter-personal activity and a low level of technological aids.


Each worshop balances periods of collective involvement and action with time for individual reflection and contemplation.  

Imagining the Future     

This workshop focuses on envisioning what can be done differently, and on finding ways to create reality out of possibility, make actual what is potential. It involves thinking creatively, finding connection within difference, and how to channel the power of opposing views. It will interest those engaged in change management, stakeholder-analysis, conflict-resolution and problem-solving.   


Learning from Ecology  

This workshop focuses on ways organisations can be more alert, agile and adaptable. It is about finding clarity within complexity, creating new pathways rather than dwelling on old problems, and improving resilience. It involves reviewing past and ongoing business performance in the context of probable and possible changes in an organisation's operations or environment. It will interest those working in partnership with others to deliver services or develop new ventures.  

Respectful Communication

This workshop aims to improve participants' mindfulness about giving and receiving oral communication. It focuses on ways to connect hearts and minds to inspire and motivate, and includes the importance of authenticity and honesty to promote trust and engagement. It will appeal  to those  leading and managing  organisational change, managing projects and people, or handling internal and external relationships.. 

Transformative Stillness   

This workshop emphasises the importance, for individuals, project teams and organisations, of stopping and reflecting - periodically or in response to specific challenge. It is about the active use of stillness. It includes looking at decision-making, at feedback processes and at learning from past experience. It will interest those involved in strategic planning, knowledge management and post-project evaluation.   


Narrative Practice in Corporate Contexts

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