Our shows weave together stories, poems and music

Our storytelling shows are either major productions, lasting for about two hours, or other productions, lasting from thirty minutes to two hours. Longer shows have an interval.

Shows take two main forms: epics combining a series of linked tales into a single overarching story, or medleys weaving different stories around a central unifying theme. Our shows take you to many different places - to ancient forests and sacred springs, back through history to legend and myth - in the company of heroes and villains, rivals and lovers, and wondrous creatures both real and imagined.

We design all our set-piece shows for adult audiences but they are generally also suitable for older children. For younger children we can offer bespoke medleys of stories from our individual repertoires, presented in a more informal style.

Technical requirements vary, depending on the venue and the show. Contact us for availability and for details of performance fees.